Twice the Measure

We craft with care and deliver awe.

Design & building expertise for all your Chicago suburb home remodeling services. We are consummate craftspeople who won’t settle for anything short of excellence in our process, our finished product, and our ongoing relationship with customers.

As a family-owned business with broad international experience, we are able to provide unparalleled knowledge in home renovations and approach every project with the integrity, creativity, and personal understanding our customers deserve.

Starting his career in Germany, Dario managed remodeling projects throughout Western Europe. In the late ‘90s, he brought his family and his expertise to Chicago and worked as a general contractor till the early 2000’s, when he started his own home renovation company, quickly setting the standard for home remodeling in greater Chicagoland.

That business grew into what is now Twice the Measure.

What You Can Expect:

  • We bring fresh ideas to your kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, basement, sunroom, family room, outdoor living spaces, and larger scale remodeling.
  • We are competitive with our budgets and strict with our timelines.
  • We are design-minded and can recommend the right materials and finishes.
  • We have cultivated long-standing relationships with our contractors.
  • We treat homes with the same respect we do our own.
  • We are clear and consistent communicators.
  • We keep worksites impeccably clean when the day is done.
  • We build lifelong relationships with our clients.
  • We work in all of Chicagoland: the city, the suburbs from Lincoln Park to Highland Park, from Gurnee to Geneva, from Northbrook to Norridge, and everything in between.
  • We take the “measure twice, cut once” rule of thumb to heart every time.

The Dario Difference:
The Ethics of Craft

Every project we undertake is a direct reflection of our personal and professional values: integrity, craftsmanship, and sensitivity to the homeowner’s needs.

We treat each home with the highest level of respect and attention in order to reach the peak of its true beauty.

While Dario could measure once with his eyes closed and get it right, he takes the “measure twice, cut once” rule of thumb to heart. He and his team approach every line with clear eyes and every cut with precise hands. With Dario, you get Twice the Measure of any other contractor out there. Twice the vision, twice the heart, twice the respect, Twice the Measure.

Key Principles

Twice the Measure - Integrity


If we can’t deliver for our customers in a way that’s transparent, affordable, and satisfying, there’s no point. We value respect and communication above all.

Twice the Measure - Clean Lines

Clean Lines

All projects start and end with exact measurements, from line items in the estimate to clean lines in the backsplash. We are obsessive about the details.

Twice the Measure - Full Picture

The Full Picture

In order to improve upon one aspect of a home, you need to understand the functionality of it. We see homes for all that they are. And we have strong relationships with all of our contractors and vendors, who are knowledgeable across the full spectrum of home needs.

Principles In Action

Twice the Measure - Never Overbooks Work

We do not overbook. Our start dates are as good as gold.

Twice the Measure - Treat Customers Like Family

We treat our customers like

Twice the Measure - Licensed and Bonded

We are licensed, bonded, and insured professionals.

Twice the Measure - Choose the Right Materials

We always choose the right materials for the project at hand.

Twice the Measure - Exceptional Knowledge

We have the knowledge to identify problems before they occur.

It wasn’t until we found Twice the Measure that I enjoyed the remodeling process. Dario provides written estimates for each project and there are never any surprises. His estimates are detailed and he will let you know if there are any things that can change.

Peggy, Chicago