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Team Member Dario Dobric- Twice the Measure

Dario Dobric

President and Owner of Twice the Measure, Dario has over 25 years of experience in the construction/remodeling industry. He started his career internationally in the early ‘90s after his family moved from the former Yugoslavia to Germany. After completing residential trade school, he took his first industry job as a drywall installer with a remodeling company, where he worked his way up to foreman in just 5 years. As a member of the travel crew, he managed and completed remodeling projects in Western Europe. This international experience is what vastly separates him from other contractors, as he is able to use this knowledge across all his projects. In the late ‘90s he was given the opportunity to move to the United States and thus brought his family to Chicago. He made the first step towards the American Dream by opening up his own company in the early 2000s.
In his spare time, Dario loves hanging with family and preparing international cuisines while indulging in a nice glass of wine. He has a big heart for plants and animals.
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Team Member Danijela - Twice the Measure


Wife, mother & Head of Operations for Twice the Measure. Danijela enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, trying new foods, and good wine.

Team Member Noises - Twice the Measure


Moises has been with the company for 11 years. He first started as a laborer but with training and experience worked his way to become one of our associate project managers.

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Edgar has been with the company since its inception 17+ years ago. He started as a tile setter apprentice. Training and working side by side with Dario, he became our custom tiling expert.

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Javier has been working with the company for 10+ years as an independent contractor, though he recently decided to join our team permanently. He is our interior remodeling expert.

Team Member Seth - Twice the Measure


Seth has been with the company for about 3+ years. He is currently our apprentice/laborer who is also our onsite customer service relations contact.

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Paul has been working with the company for 15+ years as an independent contractor, who has recently decided to join our team permanently! Paul is our taping/drywall & painting expert.

Team Member Aleks - Twice the Measure


Aleks is a full-time Finance major at UIC. He is our part-time apprentice contractor.

Team Member Nikki - Twice the Measure


Nikki is a full-time Psychology major at Roosevelt University. She has an exceptional eye for picture-taking and social media marketing. It only makes sense that we’d name her our Head of Marketing.

Team Member Valentina - Twice the Measure


Valentina is a 2nd grade student. She has quickly picked up her big sister's passion for photos and social media and thus fits right in as our Assistant Head of Marketing.


Apprenticeship starts with understanding the science of measurement. Then comes a sense for space reconfiguration and the ability to visualize the end product. Last but not least? Managing job site cleanliness.
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